The Ford Maverick Hybrid: A Game-Changer in Hybrid Pickup Sales

The new 2024 Ford Maverick by a lake with kayaks in the truck bed.

The Ford Maverick Hybrid has made a significant impact on the hybrid vehicle market, quickly becoming the best-selling hybrid pickup with an impressive 26,061 units sold in the first four months of the year alone. This surge in sales not only highlights the model’s popularity but also indicates its wide appeal across various consumer demographics. Remarkably, 59% of Maverick Hybrid buyers are new to Ford, many of whom have transitioned from small SUVs. This trend demonstrates the Maverick’s ability to blend the utility of a pickup truck with the environmental and economic benefits of a hybrid, attracting a diverse customer base. 

Two women with the new 2024 Ford Maverick in a garden setting.

The Rising Popularity of Hybrid Pickups

April 2024 saw record sales for another Ford model, the F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, which experienced a 93.6% increase from the previous year, becoming America’s top-selling full-size hybrid pickup. One of the key features appealing to consumers is the 7.2kW Pro Power Onboard, which provides portable electricity for professional use at worksites, enhances tailgating experiences, and serves as a reliable backup power source during outages. This innovation underscores Ford’s commitment to meeting the practical and recreational needs of its customers. 

Customer Enthusiasm and Market Trends

The overall reception of Ford’s hybrid lineup has been extraordinarily positive. In April, the U.S. sales of Ford’s hybrid vehicles reached a new milestone with 17,997 units sold, marking a 60% increase over the same period last year. This achievement sets a new monthly sales record and reflects a growing consumer interest in more sustainable and efficient vehicle options. The increasing demand for hybrids is a clear signal that consumers are seeking more environmentally friendly transportation solutions that do not compromise on functionality or performance. 

A couple unloading their new 2024 Ford Maverick during a move.

The Ford Maverick Hybrid is not just a successful product; it’s a pivotal player in the shift towards more sustainable transportation. Its ability to attract new customers to Ford and appeal to a broad market segment, coupled with the overall growth in hybrid vehicle sales, showcases a robust future for hybrid technology in the automotive industry. 



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